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  • 7.2 / 9 / 10MM • SIZE 12 / 14 / 16 7.2 / 9 / 10MM • SIZE 12 / 14 / 16
  • 7.2 / 9 / 10MM • SIZE 12 / 14 / 16 7.2 / 9 / 10MM • SIZE 12 / 14 / 16

7.2mm • Size 12 | 20 Colors

7.2/9/10mm • Size 12/14/16

Quick Overview

A snap prong fastener is a pair of interlocking discs, made out of a metal (iron, stainless or brass), commonly used in place of traditional buttons to fasten clothing and for similar purposes.

A circular lip under one disc fits into a groove on the top of the other, holding them fast until a certain amount of force is applied. Different types of snaps can be attached to fabric or leather by riveting with a punch and die set specific to the type of rivet snaps used (striking the punch with a hammer to splay the tail), sewing, or plying with special snap tools.

The prong snaps are suitable for most applications in clothes and certain fabric handicrafts.

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Product Name : Plated • Open Prong Fastener

Material : Made of Brass

Colors & Finishes : All Parts • Electroplate

Size & Quantity : A complete set of definition is as follows:-

7.2mm • Size 12

Prong Length : 2.4mm ~ 3/32" approx.

A. Upper Prong • Dia 7.2mm ~ 9/32" approx. = 12 pieces

B. Socket • Dia 7.7mm ~ 19/64" approx. = 12 pieces

C. Stud • Dia 7.7mm ~ 19/64" approx. = 12 pieces

D. Lower Prong • Dia 7.2mm ~ 9/32" approx. = 12 pieces

9mm • Size 14

Prong Length : 3.4mm ~ 9/64" approx.

A. Upper Prong • Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" approx. = 12 pieces

B. Socket • Dia 9.5mm ~ 3/8" approx. = 12 pieces

C. Stud • 9.5mm ~ 3/8" approx. = 12 pieces

D. Lower Prong • Dia 9mm ~ 23/64" approx. = 12 pieces

10mm • Size 16

Prong Length : 3.7mm ~ 9/64" approx.

A. Upper Prong • Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" approx. = 12 pieces

B. Socket • Dia 10.9mm ~ 27/64" approx. = 12 pieces

C. Stud • Dia 10.9mm ~ 27/64" approx. = 12 pieces

D. Lower Prong • Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" approx. = 12 pieces

Sample SetSAMPLE SET - In order to obtain reliable and accurate color results, you can purchase a set of each color for evaluation - Click Here for additional online sample version. *After clicking, please wait a few seconds for the product image to load. ( Note : Please do not choose "Wholesale | Blister Packaging" on the payment / shipping method - Select the regular options on the checkout page. )

Wholesale Plated Metal Snap

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  • • HS Code : 8207309000
  • • Classified As : DIY, Tools & Crafts | Tool Kits


  • • HS Code : 9606220000
  • • Classified As : Buttons | Press-Fasteners & Snap-Fasteners

The HS code may also be different in your country/region, you can consult the local customs and tax authorities for updated information.

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