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Colorsnaps establishes this procedure by confirming that you are eligible and comply with our product promotion and sales wholesale policy. To protect the reputation of our partner stores and our brand, we have adopted certain approval procedures in your wholesale account. Please follow the steps below to register.

  • Step 1 : Create a new regular retail account - If you have not registered before, please click here to register one. Instead, please ignore this step.
  • Step 2 : Create a new wholesale account - Please fill out the online form below, our team will review your basic information. After verification, we will change your regular account to a Wholesale Account so that you can access wholesale product pages.

Important : Before filling out this form, please make sure you understand that our wholesale products are in blister packs. You can also click this link to read more about the wholesale agreement. If your goal is to buy more snaps (unit by sets), you can browse the "RETAIL" category to purchase.

Note : Information must be entered for all (*Asterisk) marked positions. If you Omit and Press the send button, the form will be locked, please reload the form and enter all the information again.

Account Information

About Your Business

  • *This form is only for wholesale registration, please do not include any other questions. If so, please click here to contact us.

Account Type / Identity Approval

  • Upload a pdf or jpg format document, such as a bill or related supporting file, to prove that the name and address of the registrant on this form are exactly the same.

    Upload the latest pdf or jpg format of the company's business registration certificate, which is registered with the business registration office of the State Administration of Taxation in your country.

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