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How to Match & Use


This tutorial provides general operations & shows examples of using the Snap Plus tool set.


The Snap Plus tool kit has a flexible combination to suit the size and shape of the snap button used. Before using, please read the basic structure below and see how to buy components from us.

Hole Panels / Upper Dies

Three sizes of sockets and stud parts are provided, which can be placed on the hole panel and matched with the diameter of the upper die.

Bottom Dies Family

Various sizes of bottom molds are available to suit the different styles you need.

Size 12 | 7mm : 1A • Cap / Prong ; 1B • Pearl

Size 14 | 9mm : 2A • Cap / Prong ; 2B • Pearl ; 2C • Square Curved ; 2D • Hexagon Curved

Size 16 | 10mm : 3A • Cap / Prong ; 3B • Pearl / Jewel ; 3C • Hexagon Domed ; 3D • Square Curved / Jewel ; 3E • Octagon Domed / Jewel


Purchase Components

You can purchase the complete tool set or individual components provided by the official Colorsnaps. In order to make you see more clearly, we have separated the three sizes and colors of Orange, Green and Blue. You can see different colors to match different sizes.

In addition, you may also find out why some product pictures show different abbreviations and colors. The reason is to allow customers to easily find the relevant components on the order page following the instructions shown.



The invention of the Snap Plus tool kit allows customers to easily install snaps on different materials. And it provides a variety of components to meet the needs of various sizes.

What is Needed before Installation

Before installation, please prepare the relevant tool components and tower, wooden or rubber hammer, as shown in the sliding picture.

We used snaps with a size of 14 / 9mm prong set in the demonstration, therefore, we selected the components related to the hole panel, and assembled the upper and lower dies as a set of tool.

Step 1 - Place the Dies

Please insert the Upper / Lower Dies into the upper mold panel and the lower mold base respectively. Especially when placing the lower mold on the lower base holder, the first step is to insert the mold head ( Step 1 ) into the holder in a downwardly inclined direction ( Step 2 ).

Note : If the die is too tight when placed, use a hammer to push the die into the mold holder.


Step 1A - Take Out the Dies

Similar to the previous insertion method, please perform steps 1 and 2 in the order shown. Push the pin forward with your fingers to move the die out of the holder position.

Note : Since the upper die is subjected to a large punching force. In order to prevent the upper mold from accidentally loosening and falling during the working process. Hence, its design is relatively tight. When disassembling, you will exert more force to push the upper die out.


Step 2 - Place a Prong

First, pierce the prong into the fabric with your fingers, and then place it on the bottom mold to prepare for the next operation.

Tip : Regarding the best allowable length of the prong, about 40% of the length after penetration can remain on the surface of the fabric. If the measured figure is significantly lower than suggested value, the Socket or Duo Stud may easily loosen from the fabric.


Step 3 - Place a Socket & Duo Stud

Slide the hole panel through the vertical stand onto the surface of the base. After that, please place the stud and socket assembly in the position of the panel hole.

Note : Make sure that the socket in the "Eight" gap is facing down. Do not fasten it on the reverse side, otherwise, the prong legs will be completely reversed and cannot be successfully gripped.


Job DONE !

Tapping the front end of the dot on the top panel with a Rubber or Wooden Mallets. All related parts can be assembled together.

Attention : This tool set is designed for use with our Colorsnaps products. For best results, we do not recommend using third-party snap products to fasten through Snap Plus.


Tips & Tricks