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The World's First Interchangeable Molds & Dies


Explore the Unique, Ergonomic & Innovative Design of
Patented Snap Attachment Tool.

The Snap Styles You Like, THE FITS YOU WANT

Snap Plus offers three sizes of hole panels and upper molds, as well as various lower mold options. With this functional design, all you need to do is change the relevant components.

You don't need to buy the entire tool set again, you can save money.


The eject pin function is used to remove the top panel and the bottom mold. Simply insert it into the hole of the mold holder and press down to quickly separate the mold from its position.


Less than 70 grams - the best tool for storage and carrying.


Prevents slipping on the fabric when snap parts are assembled together. Enhanced security for optimal gripping.

Ergonomic Design DOUBLE ARC

The specially designed side-curved handle has an elongated handle that allows you to grasp it with the first knuckle of your finger. You can avoid bending your fingers, reduce hand fatigue and better control the hammering force.


The result of the hammer distributing the force over one area will be concentrated on each metal snap-fit part.

How To Match & Use