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ColorProduct NameMSRPUnit PriceQuantity
RED#01 Red US$6.30
CAMEO PINK#02 Cameo Pink US$6.30
LIGHT PINK#03 Light Pink US$6.30
ORANGE FIZZ#04 Orange Fizz US$6.30
AVOCADO#05 Avocado US$6.30
GRASS GREEN#06 Grass Green US$6.30
LILI GREEN#07 Lili Green US$6.30
ROYAL BLUE#08 Royal Blue US$6.30
SKY BLUE#10 Sky Blue US$6.30
LIGHT BLUE#11 Light Blue US$6.30
LAVENDER#12 Lavender US$6.30
BLACK#13 Solid Black US$6.30
WHITE#14 Clear White US$6.30

Quick Overview
Size 18 • 12mm | Jeweled Pearl Snaps
  • Wholesale Fashion Decorative Pearl Snap Button

Size 18 • 12mm | Jeweled Pearl Snaps


The jeweled snaps can perfectly be applicable to the ladies clothes, fabric wallets and other craft projects. It feature a multi point cut surface, giving the snap the appearance of a crystal or diamond. What's more, the pearl base has been pasted by "Silver-plate" to increase the reflectance of the snap. This gives the jewel pearl much more Shine & Glint.


PACKING : A set of blister pack contains 12 complete sets are defined as follows: -

  • A. (Pearl) Top Piece : 12mm ~ 29/64" approx. = 12 pieces
  • B. (Nickel Color) Socket : 10.9mm ~ 27/64" approx. = 12 pieces
  • C. (Nickel Color) Duo Stud : 10.9mm ~ 27/64" approx. = 12 pieces
  • D. (Nickel Color) Lower Prong : 10mm ~ 25/64" approx. = 12 pieces


Size 18 | 12mm | 15/32 jewelry pearl snap buttons

Note : Colorsnaps uses millimeter for the base of measurement unit. Some decimal places has been adjusted to "Integer" on package paper. Inch value is the nearest figures converted from millimeter unit for consumers reference.




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