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Colorsnaps | Sample Pack & Purchasing


With our wholesale project, we seek partners who share that belief and ensure that our brand is one worth remembering and dedicating to alliances satisfaction. That is why we stand behind every product.


In the wholesale program, Colorsnaps provides three simple procedures that allow you step by step to be our successful partner. From the sample, trial order to actual orders, it gives you are actual running the products as well as understanding your own local market needs.





Providing that the best experience at starts here.



Colorsnaps | Sample Pack & Purchasing


You can either purchase a complete or partial sample packs.

What's more, we'll refund sample fee after you place the trial order. You can save the sample costs compare with other suppliers required.

Once you've tried the sample. You may consider to purchase the small batch products to test your market.

To get ready for your first-time order, we will not set the limit quantity. You may freedom select the items to fit your first sale.

Through by first-time trial order, you'll get confidence and know how to set the next selling quantity and meet targets.

In this maturity stage, you need to follow our minimum order quantity in purchase on every actual orders.