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Colorsnaps | Sale Pricing & Others

Pricing can be challenging. An "optimum price" factors in all your costs and maximize your margins while remaining attractive to customers. We provide a philosophy that you use as an easy understand of thumb. Essentially, you have a rule between the fixed and flexible sale price.




You'll know the concept; Get ready to sale our products in your store.



Colorsnaps | Sale Pricing & Others

Fixed Sale Price

Flexible Sale Price

We request you need to follow our fixed-price sales on "Snap Plus" tool series. But also you can set the promotions or holidays discount prices, which do not exceed 10% floating discount calculated from MSRP.We offer an good idea of where you can set the competitive price range in these products: Prongs, Cap, Pearl & Marble type snaps. We shall not lock you into specific price, helps you use a flexible price range attracts your customers.







MSRP, (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), is the selling price that a manufacturer recommends for its products. It is also sometimes referred to as the list price, and is most commonly associated in our most products.


As a suggested price of standardization that we shown an MSRP on Colorsnaps wholesale site. It will not change in any actual stores or e-commerce shops, hence, we are set two MSRP categories for your reference.



Colorsnaps | Sale Pricing & Others

Tool Kits

Snap Buttons

With its MSRP, your store and customers can know the standard price for these items. You must comply with fixed sale price rule when offering a discount as above mentioned.Because the actual stores' running costs are varies, all snap buttons MSRP are just only for reference. You can adjust a standard suggested amount following by your situation.





Import Duty & Taxes


Import duty is also known as customs duty, tariff, or import tariff. It is a tax that you require to pay to bring foreign goods into your country. (Except your country is a free port, you will not necessary to pay this cost)


In addition to import duty, imports may be subject to other taxes such as sales tax (VAT, GST, etc.), excise duty, or other customs charges. Each country has its own set of taxes, and different ways of calculating them.


The rate of duty depends on the Harmonized System (HS) of product classification, the products are assigned internationally standardized HS codes and commodity descriptions. See below the details about our product HS code & Tax responsible for.




Snap Fasteners

HS Code : 8207309000HS Code : 9606220000
Classified As : DIY, Tools & Crafts | Tool Kits.Classified As : Buttons | Press-Fasteners & Snap-Fasteners.
Basically, our wholesale price setting can be covered your basic cost of import duties & sale tax. You may discuss the solution with us in case of exceeding budgets.Wholesale prices does not include your any additional costs, hence, you will be responsible for import duties, sale tax, and/or any other expenses.



HS code may also have different in your country, you can consult the local Customs and Excise as well as Tax department to get the update information.