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SNAP PLUS | Snaps Installation Tool

How To Attach Snaps

This is a step by step tutorial for users how to attach the snap buttons through by Snap Plus installation tool. "Snap Plus" which owns three sizes of "Hole Panel & Upper Dies", it's match with the various bottom dies to be a complete set.




How To Attach Snaps

How To Apply Metal Snaps To Fabric

A Set of Tool Kit

Before installing, please prepare the related tool components as shown as above. In this example, we use the size 14 ~ 9mm snap prong fasteners for demonstration, hence, pick the related size of Hole Panel, Upper Die and Lowe Die to install becomes a set of tool.


Pronged Snap Tutorial




Begin Installing Snaps



Firstly, please put the pieces of upper & bottom Dies (At 30 Degrees Oblique Angle) insert into the Top Panel & Base dies' holder followed by below procedure 1 and 2 order. Secondly, pound its the end position into the die holder. *If it's too tighten, please use hammer to tap the die piece into holder inside.


 How To Install Snap Buttons


How To Take Out The Dies ?

Please take the Ejector Pin press into the Top Panel / Base reverse side of front hole dies' holder. Next, use your finger to force the pin outward followed by below procedure 1 and 2 order; a die can be slide out from its position.

How To Install Snap Buttons

How To Insert Metal Snaps In Fabric


No-sew Snaps Tip Technique



Finally, please place the Top Panel slide to the Hole Panel surface. Use a rubber or wood mallet head hammer to tap the Top Panel's front of circle point position. A related of component can be assembled together and finish your job.

Hammer-on Snaps



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