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Colorsnaps Brand

Colorsnaps, plays a significant role in our future growth plans in retail



Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed manufacturer of the highly competitive fasteners industry in Hong Kong, has invested significant time and resources to create its brand, equating them with the same high standards of quality.




Buttoncare brand founded in 2006, is the international brand of a diverse range of metalware fasteners manufacturer that meet the demands of many applications requiring quality and durability. Buttoncare products offered supreme quality in jeans buttons, rivets, snap fasteners, grommets, buckles, sewing button as well as other precision metalware items. In production capacity, Buttoncare produced over 10 million products and components each year. Guaranteed delivery across Asia and all over the world.




In a retail market crowded with numerous of brands, how could one create a unique concept this is a challenge faced by many manufacturers. We thought about this question during the past. Hence, our group created Colorsnaps at 2012, which aims to focus since there is such an endless range of retail market. Uses our retail branding to make its product outpace the competition in the fastener industry.


Colorsnaps team promotes its snap fasteners in the retail. We are catering to the diverse craft supplies demands of consumers; provides irresistible products in this market. From its traditional snap fasteners to the new innovation patent installation tool, we create the concepts by thinking quality products throughout the year. At Colorsnaps, no matter what you look for or how much you wish to spend here. We are committed to fulfilling all your shopping and bringing quality service starts here.