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How To Attach Snap Button

How To Attach SnapsHow To Apply Metal Snaps To Fabric


A Set of Tool Kit

Before installing, please prepare the related tool components as shown as above. In this example, we use the size 14 ~ 9mm snap prong fasteners for demonstration, hence, pick the related size of HOLE PANEL, UPPER DIE and LOWER DIE to install becomes a set of tool.

Pronged Snap Tutorial


Install The Snap Button



Firstly, please put the pieces of upper & bottom DIES (At 30 Degrees Oblique Angle) insert into the TOP PANEL & BASE dies' holder followed by below procedure 1 and 2 order. Secondly, pound its the end position into the die holder. *If it's too tighten, please use hammer to tap the die piece into holder inside.

 How To Install Snap Button


How To Take Out The Dies

Please take the EJECTOR PIN press into the TOP PANEL / BASE's reverse side of front hole dies' holder. Next, use your finger to force the pin outward followed by below procedure 1 and 2 order; a die can be slide out from its position.

How To Take Out The Snaps Dies

How To Insert Metal Snaps In Fabric No-sew Snaps Tip Technique



Finally, please place the TOP PANEL slide to the HOLE PANEL surface. Use a rubber or wood mellet head hammer to tap the Top Panel's front of circle point position. A related of component can be assembled together and finish your job.

Hammer-on Snaps


How to Match With The Dies



How to Attach Prong Snaps to Fabric | Clothing | Baby Clothes

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