10mm • Size 16 | 15 Colors

You may have seen our typical pearl snaps, where the pearl part is round. However, you have never seen a jewelled pearl snap with a multi-point cut surface that makes the snap look like crystal or diamond.

Except for pure black, other colors have a "Silverplate" at the bottom, which can increase reflected light. Therefore, the use of ordinary dyeing methods to coat the surface of pearls is much different than this style.

This jewellery snap fits most applications for adult western shirts, fashions, fabric wallets and certain handicrafts.

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Product Name : Jewelled • Pearl Snap Fastener

Material : Made of Brass

Colors & Finishes : Pearl • Silver-plated Resin; All Parts • Electroplate (Nickel)

Prong Length : 3.7mm ~ 9/64" approx.

Size & Quantity : A complete set of definition is as follows:-

A. Pearl • Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" approx. = 1 piece

B. Socket • Dia 10.9mm ~ 27/64" approx. = 1 piece

C. Stud • Dia 10.9mm ~ 27/64" approx. = 1 piece

D. Lower Prong • Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" approx. = 1 piece

ATTENTION - Please understand that the color samples displayed on this website are computer-simulated colors and may not match the actual product colors you receive. For reliable and accurate results, you can purchase one set of each color for viewing - Click Here for additional online sample version.
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⚡ Note : Do not use corrosive substances to clean all parts, and do not use sharp objects to scratch, so as not to discolor or crack the surface. Pick a safety place your children can't reach.