9mm • Size 14 | 18 Colors

This new "O-ring" enamel-colored snap fits the plastic resin ring out of the prong area. The resin surface of the enamel part is colored paint. They are suitable for most thin fabrics, such as baby and toddler clothing, fabric wallets and certain handicrafts.

Fabric thickness is one of the most important factors in determining the length of prong that can be used. It directly affects the fastening, in which case the thicker the material, the prong parts cannot be firmly inserted into the socket and studs. To use the O-ring style, we recommend that you keep the fabric thickness below 1.5 mm (1/16 inch).

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Product Name : O-Ring • Open Prong Fastener

Material : Made of Brass

Colors & Finishes : Upper Prong • Resin Enamel; All Parts • Electroplate (Nickel)

Prong Length : 3mm ~ 1/8" approx.

Size & Quantity : A complete set of definition is as follows:-

A. Upper Prong • Dia 10.5mm ~ 13/32" approx. = 1 piece

B. Socket • Dia 9.5mm ~ 3/8" approx. = 1 piece

C. Stud • 9.5mm ~ 3/8" approx. = 1 piece

D. Lower Prong • Dia 9mm ~ 23/64" approx. = 1 piece

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⚡ Note : Do not use corrosive substances to clean all parts, and do not use sharp objects to scratch, so as to avoid the paint surface layer falling. Pick a safety place your children can't reach.