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Play a pioneering role in our future retail fastener market.

About Us

Acrocare corp. is one of Hong Kong's unparalleled manufacturers in Asia's highly competitive fastener industry. The Buttoncare brand was established in 2006 and is an international brand of fastener manufacturers for various metal products, which can meet the needs of many applications that require quality and durability. Our products provide excellent quality in Buttons, Rivets, Snaps, Grommets, Belt Buckles, other specially designed items for clothing and leather.

In order to meet the changing needs of different order levels. A new program was launched in December 2013 to make it easier for customers to order small quantities of high-quality products. Our team has launched a small order area called Buttoncare SME for Small and Medium enterprises. We have also created the world's first online self-service ordering system in the same industry.

On our SME website, most products cover all conventional metal products with customized logos, also including Eyelets, Jeans Buttons, Rivets, Snap Fasteners, Clothing Buttons and more. We developed this special project so that they can order a small amount of customized products and technical support from Buttoncare's entire original production process.

By producing high-quality fasteners in Buttoncare, we created another NEW retail brand.


In the metal product retail market with many brands, how to create a unique concept is a challenge faced by many manufacturers. We have considered this issue in the past. Therefore, the Buttoncare team created Colorsnaps in 2012 with the goal of focusing on the retail market. Our parent company invested capital and resources to strengthen the Colorsnaps brand to maintain its leading position in the retail market of the fastener industry.

We always satisfy consumers' diversified supply of metal fasteners; we also provide irresistible products in this market. From traditional snaps to innovative and patented installation tools. We are committed to meeting all your online shopping experience needs, building a unique and innovative e-commerce website, and providing you with quality and trustworthy services from here.