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Plays an Important Role in our Future Retail Growth Plans.

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Our company is one of the undisputed manufacturers of the highly competitive fastener industry in Hong Kong.


Founded in 2006, the brand is an international brand for various metal ware fastener manufacturers that can meet the needs of many applications that require quality and durability. Buttoncare products provide superior quality in jeans buttons, rivets, snaps, eyelets, buckles, hand-stitched buttons and other precision metal products. In terms of production capacity, We produced more than 10 million products and components each year - Guaranteed delivery in Asia and Worldwide.

We invest the money and resources to create our own brands so that they have the same high quality standards.


In a retail market with many brands, how to create unique concepts is a challenge for many manufacturers. We have considered this issue in the past. Therefore, our team created Colorsnaps in 2012 with the goal of focusing on the retail market. Use our retail brands to keep their products ahead of the competition in the fastener industry.

The ColorsnapsT e a mHelp us Serve you Better

We meet consumers' diverse supply of handicrafts; we offer irresistible products in this market. From traditional snaps to innovative patented installation tools, we create concepts by considering premium products throughout the year.

No matter what you are looking for or how much you want to spend on Colorsnaps. We are committed to meeting all your shopping needs and starting here to provide quality.