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METALLIC | Size Mixed

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ColorProduct NameMSRPUnit PriceQuantity
NICKELNickel, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $1.80
MATTE NICKELMatte Nickel, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $2.00
ANTIQUE BRASSAntique Brass, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $2.00
BRONZEBronze, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $2.00
LIGHT BLACK NICKELLight Black NIckel, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $2.00
BLACK NICKELBlack Nickel, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $2.00
CLEAR BRASSClear Brass, Ø Dia 10mm ~ 25/64" $2.00
NICKELNickel, Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" $2.40
MATT NICKELMatte-Nickel, Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" $2.60
ANTIQU EBRASSAntique Brass, Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" $2.60
BRONZEBronze, Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" $2.60
LIGHT BLACK NICKELLight Black Nickel, Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" $2.60
BLACK NICKELBlack Nickel, Ø Dia 11.5mm ~ 29/64" $2.60


Quick Overview

This series provides several electroplated color, with its up to 11 item options. Depending on the fabric thickness, it can be applicable to clothes or any fabric craft items.

Top Piece : Size 16, 10mm / Size 18, 11.5mm
Under Parts : Size 14, 9mm / Size 16, 10mm

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METALLIC | Size Mixed
  • Nickel
  • Matt Nickel
  • Antique Brass
  • Bronze
  • Light Black Nickel
  • Black Nickel
  • Clear Brass



Product Name : Capped Prong Snap Fastener

Series : Metallic

Material : Made from Brass

Metal Surface Finishing : Electroplating colors; Lead Free & Nickel Free

Packing : A set of blister pack contains 12 complete sets are defined as follows: -

  • Prong : 12 pieces
  • Socket : 12 pieces
  • Duo Stud : 12 pieces
  • Lower Prong : 12 pieces

* Before purchasing, please read the following details:-


1. Column : Color

Column - Color

Besides color meanings, it is also represent a top piece component. A top piece is required to match with certain bottom components.

In the top piece component images, a picture frame divide 3 colors: Orange, Green & Blue. These colors are equivalent to the under part component sizes. See the color vs. size mean as follows:-

Colorsnaps | Snaps' Bottom Components


2. Column: MSRP

Column - MSRP

Except for the tool kit, this MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) only for your reference. You can then charge customers more or less than this suggested amount.


3. Payment - The price and related fees are charged and settled in United States dollars (USD). We accept Paypal to be only one payment choice in trial order. On checkout page, please select "Paypal" method.


4. No Limit Order QuantityIn this trial order, it's not require to reach the certain minimum order quantity. Due to this reason, the quantity may not balance our ex-factory costs, hence, all trial order prices to be raised up 15%.



+ For more details, please read the "Useful Tips & Know More" in the bottom page.

* To know the wholesale price, please click here to register today.


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