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Colorsnaps | Terms & Conditions




See the wholesale agreement for the products with ONE Easy Click




This agreement is under which we do business with yours, it sets out comprehensive and detailed requirements that a wholesale partner needs to fulfill our wholesale terms & conditions.


For your convenience, please read below the wholesale subject section that you may require for our products and services.



Colorsnaps | Wholesale Agreement Terms

Download the Wholesale Terms & Conditions as a PDF file




For any enquiries, Click Here and fill out the online contact form. Please tick the "Terms & Conditions" in the blank and briefly write your message.  We will contact you shortly.




The agreement are to be completed and submitted to the Acrocare Hong Kong Corporation Limited where you will have business relationship with, along with the relevant agreement for further processing. Acrocare Hong Kong Corporation Limited reserves the right to amend the agreement and documents at any time without prior notice.